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Spindler Custom Homes Ltd. is a low-volume, high-quality, custom home building contractor based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, in operation since 2002.

Our focus in recent years has been the design and construction of custom homes in Calgary and Cochrane, management of acreage home projects for clients in the rural areas surrounding Calgary and Cochrane, including Springbank and Bearspaw, management of inner-city infill homes in Calgary, as well as major and minor renovation projects, home upgrades, and basement developments.

We also provide construction consultation services in cases where people are engaged in self-managed projects and need input or advice to help them through either a few phases, or the complete project.

We are associated with design, marketing, finance, and insurance professionals who can assist in getting your project into the ground. We are happy to work with you in sourcing a building site, or to build on land that you already own or intend to purchase.

Experience and Professionalism 

With a base of long-term, quality oriented trades-people and suppliers, our focus is to build homes of a higher calibre than is typical of the industry, from both the structural and finishing standpoints. Site management is thorough and detailed, with the ultimate goal being to provide the homeowner with a positive experience, the best end-product possible, built in accordance with their specific needs and desires. Our attention to detail during the construction process is intended to help mitigate most future service problems.

Andy Spindler

Andy is a fifth-generation homebuilder and has been directly involved in all aspects of residential construction including site management, administration, and marketing direction since 1982.

Andy takes care of day-to-day business operations, negotiations with trades-people and suppliers, and works personally with all clients in the administrative details of their projects. 

Dwayne Toews

Dwayne has been working in the residential construction industry for over 20 years as a framing and renovations contractor, and a water features business owner. 

Dwayne is in charge of construction site management, ensuring that our clients' visions and wishes, as well as the expected level of quality, are reflected in the end product. 

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